Worldwide FKT

If you live on Earth, enjoy riding bikes on mixed surfaces and can plot a course on a map, then

Privateering is about All Of The Funs.
Winning stuff is fun.

FKT Privateer Booty Bundles will be awarded to each of the 3 Fun Types:

The Prize Package
Privateer Sportful SuperGiara Jersey
IRC Boken Plus Tubeless Ready Tires (x2)

All participants will be automatically entered to win the FKT Challenge Series Grand Prize.

Canyon Grail CF SLX Frameset

Step 1


Reach deep into your bag of tricks

and pull out your favorite most rewarding ride. The one with all the good sections, all the good stops, and all the good spots. Ask yourself, What Would Peter Stetina do? And do that! #WWPSD 

Any length and all nature of rides count.

That said, ideally, your ride delivers on all three FKT fronts; Fastest, Funnest, Freakiest—like your “go-to” 75-miler with the best section of gravel in town and a place to safely trundle the sunset away.

And/or maybe your ride is “fine-tuned” to specifically deliver on only one of FKT front. 

For example what about the 35-mile tangle of alleys, paths, single track and largely unknown neighborhood streets that when strung together add-up to 7,394 feet of climbing. Or a slow roll out to a gravel segment smash. Or a hundred mile epic linking hot springs and miniature golf. They all count!

Honestly, if it’s mixed surface and notable on just about any level, it’s probably perfect.

Step 2

Plot it on a map

using any of the many course-making technologies available to cyclists in 2020. *Extra credit if you make an analog map.

Step 3

execute the FKT of your choice
on the route of your choice.

Document it!

Step 4

Share your experience on instagram. 

  1. Screenshot of your route map.
  2. Route Details: Name, Distance, Elevation Gain, and a brief description.
  3. Photographic proof of you on the ride.


Step 5