Super Sweetwater

The grasshopper: Agile and nimble. Able to leap from danger at a moment’s notice. Riders who carry the same characteristics will be at home here in the fields of Sonoma County.

‘although the course for Sweetwater this year might be predominantly asphalt. The patchwork of tar made from decades of potholes cannot be ignored.

It was here, on these rough roads in the foothills of Occidental California… that the grasshopper series began 22 years ago. And It was around about this time that a man named Miguel became a privateer. See back in the day there were mountain bikers and roadies. And they didn’t much like each other’s company. Nor did they take kindly to folks who kept one foot in each camp. Miguel didn’t like picking sides. And why should he? So that’s why he created a race for him and his buddies, and other like-minded folks.

And so began the grasshopper legend. A monument to taking the alternative option. Sweetwater was the first. But, not the last.

People say it was Cazadero road or ‘Old Caz’ that really put a rocket up the gravel movement’s be-hind. Got folks playing with funky tires and clearances

And so the grasshopper series spread like a plague of… well… you get the picture.

Grasshopper: Super Sweetwater